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On March 24, 1965, Albert Podell embarked on a 581-day, 42,000-mile, adventure-packed expedition by 4×4 across 30 countries that set the record for the longest auto journey ever made around the world. During the next 50 years Podell visited every one of the rest of its 196 countries.

Albert Podell has a B.A. in government from Cornell, was a graduate fellow in international relations at the University of Chicago, holds a J.D. from NYU School of Law, and has had successful careers as a magazine editor, director of photography, advertising-agency creative director, and trial attorney. He has written 300 magazine articles and wrote the adventure classic, Who Needs A Road.

Favorite Success Quote

“You only live once so grab as much gusto as you can. “

Key Points

1. Life is Fleeting Live it Full

Life is precious and short. We all live like life will last forever without realizing its fleeting nature. Embrace the now and live life like you will never live it again.

2. People are Generally the Same

Many first worlders ignorantly assume that the rest of the world is vastly different from us. We assume that they are all extremists and crazies and that anywhere beyond the first world is the no mans land.

What we fail to realize is that humans are largely the same across all cultures. We all want to live long and prosperous lives. We all want to raise our children to the best of our abilities, we all want as much health, wealth, love and happiness as we can fill into our days.

When we open our mind to the similarities that cross all cultural boundaries, we are able to interact much more deeply and intimately with people who are seemingly dissimilar.

3. You Can Live on Less Than You Think

In America, the idea of living with less is a foreign concept. We assume that to survive we need to be making hundreds of dollars a day and filling our lives full of possessions and cheap thrills.

But in the end, we are left with crap we didn’t need and shallow, base level experiences. If we open our minds to the idea of embracing minimalism and living with less, then we open our lives to a whole new level of fulfillment.

When life becomes about seizing every moment enjoying every second over accumulating more stuff, we are able to live lives of true abundance and joy.

4. Money and Time are not an Impediment to Travel

If you are creative enough, adaptable enough, and tough enough.  You can travel the world on little to no money fairly easily. From staying with locals to camping to hostels, there are a number of ways that you can travel without breaking the bank.

One of the best ways to get started is by looking into work exchanges such as WWOOF or Help Ex where you work in exchange for room and board.

Influential Books

1. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

2. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes

3. Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

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Nate Broughton is an internet marketing veteran of 17 years who specializes in lead generation and client acquisition. He's built and sold four companies and been involved in several acquisitions with private equity firms. He's now the leader of a movement and company called The Opt Out Life which teaches people all over the world how to design an amazing lifestyle centered around fun and experiences... While still making fantastic money in an industry they love.


Favorite Success Quote

"Lifestyle before money. But money also."

"If there's a will there's a way"

Key Points

1. Focus on Lifestyle First and Money Second 

Money is a tool.

In the right hands, it can serve as a force multiplier to help you live the life of your dreams, enjoy wild adventures, and create a lasting legacy.

However, when it's your sole aim and purpose it will overtake your life and lead you down a dark and lonely road filled with regrets.

As such, Nate's motto and entire company (opt-out life) is built on the ethos of "Lifestyle first but money also."

In life, you will often be presented with two options.

  1. The lucrative option
  2. The lifestyle option

For example, Nate was offered an executive position with a multiple six-figure salary, a significant amount of equity, and great benefits.

The only problem is that the position required him to drive 60 minutes to and from work five days a week, sacrificing time with his young children and wife.

He turned it down in less than a minute.

Money is great and you should always seek to expand your income and create passive assets.

But it's not everything.

If you find yourself working 80 hours a week to make multiple six figures you need to take a step back and ask yourself, "Is this really worth it?"

Is this how you want to live your life?

2. Get Creative to Achieve Your Dreams 

Where there's a will there's a way.

Cliche, I know. But it's true. 

Whatever goal you want to achieve, whether it's making a certain amount of money, improving your body, or finding the partner of your dreams, is ahievable. IF you're willing to get creative and find unconventional roads to success. 

A great example that Nate shared in the interview is how his business partner moved his family from an inexpensive inland suburb to the exclusive coast of Lajolla. 

Even though his partner couldn't afford the mortgage on the house he wanted, he got creative, found a property with a guest home and then rented the home out while simultaneously renting the casita in the back yard. 

The result? He cut the rent payments in half and ended up spending roughly the same amount as his previous mortgage. 

If you're willing to get creative, there's nothing that you can't do, be, or achieve. 

But you must be willing to think outside of the box and cut yourself off from any possibility of failure. 

3. Know When to Hold 'Em and When to Fold 'Em 

You are going to have to make tough decisions in life.

It's simply a part of the human existence. 

And oftentimes, the most important decision that you will make is not whether or not you should start something, but whether or not you should stay with something. 

Whether it's a relationship, career, business, or just a boring 'ol workout program, you must understand when a particular endeavor has run its course and when there is still something of value to be gained. 

Nate has grown and sold several businesses, and he's found that there's a critical tipping point in each business (typically when it hits $5,000,000 in revenue) where he begins to burn out and lose interest. 

Instead of fighting this, he's adopted the "Serial Entrepreneur" approach and will sell his equity or the entire business, once a project passes a certain revenue threshold. 

Here's the deal... 

Life is short. And there are thousands of things that we all want to try out and we have no way of knowing if they're worth our time until we step up to the plate and swing. 

But once you've been in the game for a while, you need to honestly evaluate your pursuits and ask yourself the simple question, "Is this serving me at the highest level?"

If the answer is "No" then cut your losses and move on... IMMEDIATELY. 


4. Understand the Seasons of Life (And How they Impact Your Priorities) 

It's funny to me how often I have young men reaching out to me in their early 20's bemoaning the fact that they have no money and no clue what they want to do with their lives. 

I always have to chuckle at these messages, because these guys are missing the point. 

You aren't supposed to be super wealthy and on purpose right out of the gate! 

Your 20's are a season in life for pursuing your passions, seeing what sticks, making LOTS of mistakes, and learning as much as you can. 

Life isn't supposed to be this massive and nonstop upwards growth curve. 

It's a long and bumpy ride filled with different seasons. And one of the biggest keys to success is learning how to capitalize on these seasons and use them to your advantage. 

For example, your 20's are a high energy season that is best used to learn marketable skills, live super frugally while building a war chest, and to figure yourself out along the way. 

Your 30's are a season that should be devoted to mastery of your chosen craft and the creation of passive income streams that will create lasting wealth and freedom. 

And once you have that? Your 40's and beyond are for doing whatever the hell you want. 


5. Develop a High-Value Skill Set and Turn It Into Passive Income 

It's been said that passive income is worth 10x working income. 

And truer words have yet to be spoken. 

No matter where you are in life today, one of your top priorities should be the creation and expansion of passive income. 

Money is simply a tool to buy freedom. And when you escape from the race of trading your time for dollars and create sustainable passive income, you will have freedom for life. 

Imagine going to bed and waking up with an extra $500 in your bank account. What would that do for your life? How would you spend your days differently? What hobbies would you pursue? What relationships would you invest in more deeply? How would your life change if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were going to be ok when the 1st of the month rolled around? 

I can tell you from personal experience... It's one of the most liberating feelings a man can have. 

Get to work on building passive income streams NOW and your life will forever change because of it. 

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About a week ago, I was up late at night indulging in one of my favorites vices.


As I made my way through the plethora of cute cat videos, angry political rants, and jaw-dropping montages of people doing awesome things, I came across a 3-minute video from Gary Vaynerchuk.

A video that, I believe, has the power to change thousands of lives.

As I watched this video over and over again, it made me realize something.

Despite that fact that everything he touches seems to turn to gold (and hundreds of millions of dollars), the “King of Crush IT” is just a normal human being like you and me.

Sure, he’s a social media giant, marketing guru, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and pathological hustler.

But it’s pretty clear when you watch videos like this one that Gary is not a freak of nature or some sort of anomalous human being with superpowers that we mere mortals can only hope to possess.

He’s just a normal everyday dude who understands exactly how the game is played.

Tony Robbins, world famous high performance coach and success expert has made a fortune meeting, dissecting, and explaining top performers, and as he says, “Success leaves clues”.

In today’s article, I’m going to dive into many of the “Clues” that Gary has left over the course of his almost three decade long entrepreneurial journey.

While you might not like everything that you hear, I can promise you that if you are willing to pay attention, be humble, and learn from one of the best in the world, you can put yourself in a position where success becomes all but inevitable.

Sound like a plan?

Good. Let’s dive in.

Gary’s Story in a Nutshell

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk or his story, here’s a (very) condensed synopsis so that you understand why you should care about his tips for success.

  • Born November 14, 1975 (a good Scorpio) in Babruysk, BSSR, Soviet Union. Moved to the US at age three, living with 8 other family members in a studio apartment in Queens, New York.
  • The family then moved to Edison, New Jersey. Growing up, Gary had a lemonade-stand franchise. He also made thousands of dollars trading baseball cards on weekends.
  • Joined his family’s retail liquor business at age 14. Took control in 1999 after graduating Mount Ida College with a bachelor’s degree. Changed the name from Shopper’s Discount Liquors to Wine Library.
  • By 2005, he had taken the business online and annual sales catapulted from $3 million to over $50 million.
  • Started Wine Library TV on YouTube in 2006. It went viral with daily wine reviews, tastings, and advice. He retired from video blogging in 2011.
  • Started VaynerMedia in 2009 with his brother, a social media-focused digital agency. In 2016 VaynerMedia grossed $100 million providing social media strategy services to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Invested in Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr and many other early tech phenomenon.
  • Started VaynerRSE – a $25 million investment fund focusing on consumer technology, incubator, and angel funding.
  • Founded VaynerSports in 2016, entering the sports marketing and agency business, one of Gary’s first loves.
  • Estimated net worth of over $150 million. Has his sights squarely set on his first billion and ownership of the New York Jets. He’s only 41 as of this writing.

Oh, and he’s also happily married with two children.

Now that you understand a little bit more about his story, let’s dive into Gary’s advice for creating a level 10/10 life.

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Knowledge for Men Podcast

To find the first set of “Clues” to help me understand Gary’s rise to fame, I looked no further than the Knowledge for Men podcast and one of the earlier interviews that Gary did with Andrew.

During this interview, Gary left 5 “Takeaways:”

  1. Learn to Love the Hustle – This is a consistent theme you will see among high-achievers. Pure and simple, they work harder than the also-rans. As Gary said in the podcast, “There’s not one minute (of his day) not allocated to…..ACTION!”
  2. Only Operate From Strengths – Outsource your weaknesses. Focus on what you’re naturally good at and what you enjoy the most.
  3. Focus on the Long Term – I will talk about this one later, but this is one of Gary’s main points and is the topic of the video above. Especially if you’re younger, you have all the time in the world to be successful. Don’t think you have to change the world overnight.
  4. Become Self Aware – Know yourself: What are you good at? What do you suck at? Own them both equally. What is “Your Skill?” As Gary said in the podcast, once you know your skill, “go attack it.”
  5. It’s All About the Journey – There is no destination. It’s all about a lifetime of growth.

Before you go any further into this article, I strongly recommend that you take 32 minutes out of your day and listen to Andrew’s interview with Gary.

Here’s the link again:

It will kick your ass and inspire you to take more action than you ever thought possible.

And it will also give you a deeper understanding of Gary’s story and process as we proceed through this article.

Gary V’s Key Success Clue #1: Hustle

Gary’s schedule starts before dawn and runs non-stop until after midnight.

This was the only world Gary knew growing up.

He watched his parents work hard every day in the family business and, as a young man fresh out of college, he wasn’t partying, chasing girls and “hanging out,” like most of his peers.

He was working.

Seven days a week. Fifteen hours a day. For seven straight years.

Today, with over $150 million in assets, many companies and a staff of over 1,000, you’d think he would throttle back.

But that’s about as likely as a snowball surviving a detour through hell.

In other words… It a’int gonna happen.

Gary hustles intensely every day.

He knows that billionaire status, ownership of the New York Jets, and a life beyond imagination are all well within his wheelhouse, and he’s not stopping to smell the roses.

His intense energy and sheer hustle are clues to his success.

How many people do you know who surf Facebook at work?

You won’t find Gary doing that unless it’s specifically serving a client.

Chatting in the breakroom? Are you kidding? No time for that.

Long lunch hours? He eats on the run or during a meeting where he’s advancing something, somehow.

Every single second of the day is booked with only that which serves his higher goals.

You won’t find him wasting a single minute. The intensity you hear in the podcast is how he runs everything: meetings, conversations (on or off-line), and strategy sessions.

And if you want to achieve similar results in your own life, then you need to be willing to take similar action.

Action Steps:

1. Score Yourself: Give yourself a score right now on your intensity/efficiency/hustle factor? From 1 to 10, where are you?

2. Write down 5 ways you can improve immediately. Five action steps you’ll begin now to emulate Gary’s hustle and intensity.

Gary V’s Key Success Clue #2: Focus on the Digital World

Gary Vaynerchuk Digital

Gary has a knack for spotting technological trends early.

In fact, his entire empire has been built on the foundation of spotting and maximizing digital trends and technological advancements.

Gary was one of the earliest investors in countless tech companies.

He was also one of the pioneers of using social media for business and was one of the first proponents of using YouTube for content marketing and Snapchat for business promotion… Ideas that were completely ahead of their times.

But here’s the cool thing about all of this.

Gary doesn’t have some sort of clairvoyance or weird ability to read into the future.

He’s simply educated himself about the world and technology and he bases his business decisions upon this understanding.

If you want to gain a similar ability to spot trends and pivot accordingly, then I recommend you check out a book from New York Times columnist, “Thank You For Being Late”.

For about a third of the book, Friedman outlines the modern digital revolution. An early chapter is titled, “What the Hell Happened in 2007?” where he explains how the iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and many other life-changing technologies all came to the masses in 2007.

He discusses the future of AI, robotics and many other futuristic trends that aren’t even prominent yet, predicting that we are in the infancy of a massive modern technological explosion.

And Gary agrees with his prognosis wholeheartedly.

The future is closer than you think and after the dotcom boom, it should be apparent to everyone reading this that if your businesses isn’t evolving alongside technology, then it’s dying.

Action Steps:

1. Score yourself on your digital proficiency. 1 to 10, where are you? How vast is your understanding of digital strategies? Do you know how to build a website? Are you building a tribe on social media? Are you effective with SEO, getting your posts and videos ranked?

2. If you’re not at least a 7 in all areas, what action-steps do you need to take today to improve your digital toolbox? Write them down now, while this is fresh. What do you need to learn? Where can you find the information? (Try YouTube and Twitter first) How will you apply it? What tools do you need? Map out a digital strategy for the next 12 months and get started today.

Gary V’s Key Success Clue #3: Patience

Most of you will lose because you’re trying to take shortcuts. Slow and steady wins the race. You’re only competing with yourself. ~Gary Vaynerchuk

As he says in the video at the beginning of the article, this is Gary’s top key to his success.

He’s in it for the long haul which is why he has succeeded at far greater levels than people who are merely interested in the next 12 months.

Go to the 1:22 mark in the video. Imprint this in your consciousness and never forget it:

We live in an instant-gratification, want-it-now culture.

But this attitude doesn’t work in wealth-building.

In fact, it’s the opposite attitude that will yield the results you really want.

In George S. Clason’s classic best seller, “The Richest Man in Babylon” he beautifully illustrates the concept of compounding, a factor that applies to investing and to business.

Compound your time. Compound leverage. Compound your influence and reach. Compound your best talents. Compound your team. Compound everything you do.

That’s what Gary did, and it’s his biggest tip for achieving success.

Compounding is the slow-and-steady way to wealth. The key ingredient is time and hustle.

As Gary says regularly, “The key is macro patience and micro intensity

Work your ass off in the moment and don’t slow your efforts down for a second.

But realize that your effort and hustle probably won’t pay off for another 7-11 years.

And the sooner you can accept that fact, the sooner you will be able to truly pursue and achieve your goals.

And always remember that regardless what age you are, you have time.

Even if you’re older, you still have time.

Ray Kroc didn’t meet the McDonald brothers until he was 52. Then, it took a couple years to get the franchising off the ground, so what you see today didn’t begin until its founder was in his mid-fifties.

Look at Bob Proctor, the seminar leader and author of “You Were Born Rich.” At 83, he still travels the world in his private NetJets plane, holds multi-day seminars and bounces onto the stage like someone 30 years his junior.

In ten years of compounding your talents in the digital world, you could literally build an empire of reach, influence, customers, fans, and wealth.

Study what Gary did and put his steps to work in your own life now.

Action Steps:

1. Give yourself a score on patience from 1 to 10. How patient have you been in your career up to now and how patient would you describe yourself today?

2. What can you shift from short-haul thinking to long-haul thinking? Take inventory of your strategies and outline a 1-year, 5-year, 10-year and 20-year plan. If you do nothing else, jot down (somewhere where you can get back to it) “where would I like to be in….” There is tremendous power in writing things down and tucking them away. It triggers your subconscious to start moving in those directions. Try it!

3. Pick up “The Richest Man in Babylon” and read it.

In Conclusion

Regardless of where you are on the journey, there is always more to learn. Some little nugget could shift your thinking and your actions, generating thousands or even millions of dollars.

Gary Vaynerchuk is full of such nuggets, and (thanks to his total embracing of all things digital) he has left a huge breadcrumb trail for us to follow. (Thanks, Gary!)

Ask yourself, can you crank up your intensity, your efficiency, and your hustle?

Are you up to it?

I was talking to some guys in a money-oriented mastermind this week and their #1 complaint was falling into complacency. If you are in that trap today, take massive action to get out of it now!

What steps will you begin right now to up your game?

Then ask yourself how you can boost your digital presence. Whatever you do, even if it’s a local mom-and-pop retail or service business, think of a way you can increase your social media tribe, reach more people, add more value, and find new ways to sell online.

There are 8 billion people out there, and regardless of what continent they live on, most are not that far from a browser, and thus from YOU! Embrace the digital world like Gary has. Remember, as Tom Friedman says, we’re only in the first inning.

And most importantly, be in it for the long haul.

If you’ve found yourself going after the quick buck, stop it right now! Follow what other successful people like Gary have done and play the game over your entire lifetime.

Success leaves clues. Find and follow them.

P.S. If you are interested in getting Gary’s hustle factor for yourself, the quickest way that I’ve found to achieve these levels of success is with a high performance coach. To learn more about our high performance coaching program, click here.. I promise that you won’t regret it. 

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Former Air force Captain Bryan Reeves is the Co-founder/Director for The Center for Mindful Education, where he’s taught mindfulness to people with autism. He co-founded “Operation Mindful Warrior” to help bring mindfulness to military veterans (who are currently committing suicide at a shocking rate)

Bryan serves on the Executive Board of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (G.A.T.E.). Founded by John Raatz, author Eckhart Tolle and actor Jim Carrey, GATE is an organization of entertainment and media companies and professionals – actors, producers, filmmakers, musicians and more – working to influence the entertainment and media industry to produce and distribute transformational content that inspires global audiences for the benefit of all.

Bryan currently resides in L.A. working as a transformational life and relationships coach.

Favorite Success Quote

“Follow your highest excitement”~Bryan Reeves

Key Points

1. It Is Essential That You Learn to Collaborate

We live in a world full of people determined to go it alone. We look at others with differing ideologies, religions, or political standing as lost causes that will never be reached instead of seeking to use our uniqueness together to create something incredible.

Learn to see and bring out the best in people regardless of your differences, learn to work with others and use your differences to create a future that could never have been built alone. Work together with others and create a future that you would be proud to raise a family in.

2. Surround Yourself With People Who Won’t Take Your Crap

As much as we love to surround ourselves with yes men (or women) it is imperative to our personal growth that we are around people who push us and call us out on our bullshit. Build a social circle full of people who aren’t afraid to challenge you and make you uncomfortable.

As Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people whom you associate with most.” If you want to live a world class life, then associate with people who will push you in every area.

3. Acknowledge That You Could be Wrong

As you work to build the life and relationships of your dreams, approach every issue with the thought that you might be wrong. Nietzsche, the famous philosopher once said that “Conviction is the enemy of truth.” Never allow your need to be right to blind you to the  truth.

Realize that you may be wrong, accept it and look to collaborate with others who can help guide you to the truth.

4. Be a Leader in Your Relationships 

As a man, embrace the masculine energy in your relationships and take charge (most of the time). Decide where to go out on a date, set the time, lay down the ground rules of the relationship. Women cannot be fully in their feminine unless you are in your masculine and for this to happen you must be present and taking charge, leading the encounter to new and exciting heights.

5. Success Doesn’t Make the Man

Money, cars, girls, none of it makes you a man. To be a true man, an authentic man, you must be totally fulfilled and in love with yourself. Be who you are, pursue a life of purpose that excites you every morning. Do things because you damn well want to!

Never forsake dreams or aspirations for a paycheck or relationship. Follow your highest excitement, do what makes you happy and impact others while doing it.

6. If You Aren’t Thriving Today It’s Pointless

Goals are amazing. Plans are great. But nothing is certain. Life is a precious gift that can be taken at any moment. Live life in the moment and be passionate about the life you are living today. Because the life you are stressing about creating may not be there tomorrow.

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Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley. After successfully selling his Inc 5,000 rated startup in April of 2011, Levi packed up for Israel to gain experience in the Venture Capital industry.

Levi has been featured in such publications and programs as the Wall Street Journal, Nana10 Television, The Silicon Valley Business Journal, Bimmer Magazine, BMW Blog, and Donna Fenn’s latest book, Upstarts! How GenY Entrepreneurs are Rocking the World of Business and 8 Ways You Can Profit from Their Success, among others.

Favorite Success Quote

“The greatest happiness in life is that we are loved. Loved for ourselves or loved in spite of ourselves.”~Victor Hugo

Key Points

1. Learn to Properly Delegate

Chances are, living the life of your dreams involves you doing a lot more of what you enjoy and a helluva lot less of the things that you don’t. Determine activities in your life that are neither enjoyable nor particularly profitable and delegate them to others.

For example, you can hire a maid to come and clean your house, do your laundry, and even cook your meals for between $20-$50/hour. If you are earning even $5 more per hour by doing this, than you are enhancing your productivity and your dollar per output. It’s a win win for everyone.

2. Do an 80/20 Analysis

Around 20% of what you do in every area of your life will account for 80% of the results that you see. To live a fulfilling and meaningful life, you must determine the things that you are content being in the 80th percentile for, and those that you are willing to invest the extra time into.

Do you want to be a top level bodybuilder, or just be lean and healthy? Do you want to be a Forbes list entrepreneur making millions a year, or just have the income to live life on your terms?

There’s no right or wrong, you simply have to decide what it is you want and allocate your resources properly.

3. Apply the Productivity Mindset to Your Personal Life

Seek to use the productivity mindset in all areas of your life, especially social. For example if you have the choice between going to an entrepreneurs mastermind or going to a club and getting hammered, it’s pretty clear which option will lead to greater results.

Enjoy yourself, party, live life, but make sure that you are filling your life with high caliber social activities as well.

5. Speed Reading Tips

  • Don’t move your eyes, this makes you effectively blind and wastes time
  • Don’t Sub-vocalize(say the words in your head)
  • Create images to help you recall information better

5. Sleep The Every Man Schedule

Sleep 6 hours at night and then take a half hour nap in the middle of the day. This will save you a few hours each day, leave you feeling refreshed and is more congruent with your evolutionary programming.

6. Passive Income is About Freedom

The holy grail of finances is passive income. To be making money while you sleep. What you must realize is that this goal is about freedom and having the options to do what you want. Never forsake options for a paycheck, you can always make more money, but once time leaves, it never comes back.

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Abel James is the founder and CEO of the Fat Burning Man podcast and blog, a brand committed to bringing people the no bs guide to getting the body of their dreams. Abel challenges all of the traditional wisdom around diet and exercise, challenging people to think outside of the box and do what actually works.

Abel is the author of “The Wild Diet” a cook book designed to help the average person cook incredibly healthy and delicious foods that will result in phenomenal results for your body and health. You can order a copy of Abel’s new book here

Favorite Success Quote

“Every kick in the butt is a step forward” ~Anonymous

Key Points

1. Fat is Not the Enemy (it’s actually a friend)

One of the common misconceptions in the health and fitness industry is that fat is somehow unhealthy. It is processed fats that are unhealthy.

Due to the over processing of our foods, the increase in chemicals and  the wide spread use of growth hormones, many of fats we receive from red meat and other previously organic sources are now basically just a slab of toxins.

However, eating organic, grass fed beef and other healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, and has actually been shown to help lower bad cholesterol, boost testosterone, and enhance cognitive function.

Long story short; get more healthy and natural fats in your diet.

2. Don’t Follow the Fads

The majority of diets nowadays are straight crap. If you want to look better, feel better, and live longer (and who doesn’t) keep it simple. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, and naturally raised meats. Period. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Remove processed sugars and eat organic whole foods.

3. Get Food as Close to The Source as Possible

Something many people do not realize is that the quality of your food is often more important than the food itself. If you are eating processed meats and veggies, filled with pesticides and antibiotics, you may as well be enjoying a pop tart for breakfast.

Read the label on your foods, always buy organic and natural, and if possible, shop at a local farmers market.

Not only will the food taste better, it will also be far richer in nutrients than any of the chemically processed alternatives/

4. Real Food is Cheaper Than Medical Bills 

One of the most common excuses regarding healthy eating is that it’s expensive.

And it is. Sometimes, high quality organic meats and veggies are 5x more expensive than their processed alternatives. However, this should be seen as an investment in your health and quality of life, not as an expense.

Eating chemically rich and nutrient devoid foods has been shown to lead to diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and an early death. Do yourself a favor and invest in some high quality food so you don’t have to “invest” in medical bills.

5. If You Really Want to Get What You Want You Must Decide What You Want

Too many people today wander around aimlessly, with little to no direction in life and wonder why they are not successful.

What they are not realizing is that to live an extraordinary life and achieve extraordinary things, you must decide exactly what you want. Set a vision and clear plans for your future, and then execute ruthlessly.

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Ash Avildsen is the Founder/CEO of Sumerian Records and was the Founder/CEO of The Pantheon Agency. For the past eight years, Ash has been a key player in the new wave of hard rock music as both an agent and a label owner. Discovering and developing acts like Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Animals As Leaders and many others from before the bands had ever toured or put out albums. Ash is also the director of his debut film “What Now.”

Favorite Success Quote:

“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be happy” ~ The Buddha

Key Points:

1. Success Does Not Equal Happiness

One of the common misconceptions of the modern world is that success automatically equals happiness. While it is true that many successful people experience tremendous levels of happiness, this is not due to their success, it is a product of their character and mindset.

Do what makes you happy, do what makes you fulfilled, do things that no one would have to pay you for because you are so passionate about it.

At the end of the day, you can’t take a single dollar you earn with you, all the material accomplishments and “things” will fade away and all you will be left with is your experiences and the impact you had on the world. So do what you love and don’t worry about the money; your happiness is contingent on your experiences and your attitude, not your bank account.

2. Don’t Let Haters Get to You

“You have made enemies? Good, that means you’ve stood up for something at some time in your life.” ~Winston Churchill.

If you set out to accomplish anything big in your life, regardless of what it is, there will be haters. There will be people who tell you that you can’t do it, that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll never succeed. Ignore every single one of them.

No one great every accomplished anything by listening to the doubters, people who feel the need to try and bring you down are often suffering from their own insecurities and fear that you will succeed and they will not. Learn to accept criticism and ignore “trolling” your life, business, and relationships will all be better for it.  

3. You Have to Have Faith That You Can Do It

“Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re certainly right” ~Henry Ford

Everything starts with faith. The faith in yourself, your abilities, and your perseverance. You must have faith that if you put in the time, money and effort, you will inevitably succeed. How could you not? When you are educating yourself, learning from the best, taking massive action and learning from that action; success is inevitable.
Have faith in yourself and faith in the process, and at the end of the day, you will achieve the things that you desire.

4. Try to Improve Your Batting Average

No one is perfect, no one “bats 1,000,” but most of us have significant room for improvement in our lives. Take time to examine each area of your life, examine the results that you have achieved. What are you batting in health? In wealth? In love? In personal growth?

Be honest and brutal with yourself. Figure out what you need to improve on and then take action. Life is nothing except for a never ending cycle of challenges and growth, if you aren’t growing you are dying. Stay in the land of the living; improve everything.

6. Do it Yourself 

We live in an age of men who lack self reliance. Society and technology have made us soft. Small occurrences that used to be minor bumps in the road are now considered catastrophic set backs.

One flat tire, one broken bulb, one business project where you don’t know exactly what to do, one fitness program that doesn’t map out every second of your workout, and we are screwed. Learn to be independent, do things yourself.

Do not rely on others for help or affirmation, just do it! If you don’t know, than follow Tai Lopez’s advice and “Just darn google it.” Do not allow yourself to become dependent on anything or anyone, do it yourself and make your own destiny.

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Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning speaker, author, professor, and retention expert. He’s authored or co-authored seven books, including the top-selling Good Teachers Never Quit and Tricks of the Grade.

In spite of being reared in one of the toughest inner-city ghettos in Miami, Florida, Joe started his first business at the age of 22 and his second at the age of 26. Professor Martin became the youngest, tenured-earning faculty member ever hired to teach at a state University in Florida at the age of 24.

He’s now regarded as “The Educator’s Educator” and the country’s leading expert on new teacher retention and student motivation issues. Joe is a visiting professor and educational consultant and he lectures on more than 60 college campuses a year.

Favorite Success Quote:

“Watch what most people would do in a given situation and do the total opposite” ~ Dr. Joe Martin

Key Points

1. Do Not Follow the Crowd

If you want to achieve a life that is different from the crowd, if you want to break away from the flock, and live life on your terms, then you cannot take the same action that the flock takes. You must ensure that every decision you make is as far removed from what the average and mediocre would do as possible. Seek out mentors, find role models living the life that you desire, and model your actions after them.

Do not follow what uninspired and small minds are doing. Ignore their criticism and focus on becoming great.

2. External Trappings Do Not Make You a Man

You can achieve every goal you have set in life. The beautiful wife, the big house, sports car and million dollar business, but none of it makes you a man. The measure of a man is not in the size of his wallet, or number of women he’s slept with; the measure of a man is his character and his impact. It does not matter how much money you are making if you are not making it in an honorable manner.

It does not matter how beautiful your wife is if you are not treating her with respect and dignity. It does not what you have achieved if you are not living your life for a purpose bigger than yourself! To be a true man, you must have unwavering values, you must focus on helping others more than yourself, and you must make sure that your existence means something to this world.

3. A Real Man Has Integrity

One of the most essential traits of a real man is integrity. Doing what you say you will do and doing what you know and believe is right…PERIOD. If you set a standard for yourself or commit an action to someone else, it does not matter how you feel in the moment, it does not matter that you are tired or weak or busy.

Do what is right, and do what you say you will do. NO trait is more important than this.

4. Your Purpose is Above Everything

Your purpose in this life is unique. In a world of 7 billion people, no one else has your exact calling, no one has your exact talents, mindset and goals. You must put this calling, this purpose above everything else. You must put it above your relationships, above your bank account and above your momentary desires.

Your purpose is what guides you through everything so you must not forgo it for anything.

5. A Real Man Teaches Others to Be Real Men 

An essential transition in every man’s journey is when he realizes that he has the obligation to teach and mentor others. Regardless of your status in life or your development as a man, you still have something valuable to offer the world and other men. Do not do yourself or the world the disservice of letting that gift go un-given.

Teach others what you know, help those struggling in trials through which you have already passed and be generous with your time and gifts. Because at the end of the day, the money, cars, and one night stands will amount to nothing and all that will remain is the legacy you leave and the lives you impact

6. You Must Have a Mentor

As men, we are often hesitant to admit our need for help to ourselves, let alone others. However, we must realize that a true man knows his weaknesses and brings other men into his life to help him work through the challenges. Life is confusing, it’s scary and it’s uncertain, but it doesn’t need to be lonely. Open up, be vulnerable, be authentic; find a man that you can trust and ask him to help you, to hold you accountable, to mentor you. Your life will never be the same once you do.

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