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In part II of this episode series (originally on youtube), Andrew discusses How OnlyFans Hijacked the Souls of Men and Women in a Few Years.

1. A Destructive Addiction: OnlyFans is not just a platform for sexual content; it is a powerful, addictive force that can consume and alter the behavior of even the most disciplined individuals, impacting their real-life relationships and personal growth.

2. Appealing to the "Average" Man: Contrary to popular belief, the majority of OnlyFans users are not social outcasts or desperate individuals. Successful, well-adjusted men with families and careers are also being drawn to the platform, revealing a deeper societal issue at play.

3. The Perfect Storm: The accessibility, affordability, and defensibility of OnlyFans create a potent combination that makes it an attractive escape for men dealing with personal challenges, providing an artificial and temporary fulfillment of their needs for connection and intimacy.

4. Impact on Sexual Marketplace Value: OnlyFans usage can stunt personal growth and decrease an individual's sexual value in the marketplace, leading to a cycle of dependency and avoidance of addressing underlying issues in their lives and relationships.

5. A Slow and Unconscious Decline: The insidious nature of OnlyFans lies in its gradual and often unnoticed impact on users, making it an elusive and dangerous influence on the lives of an entire generation of men.

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