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Known as”The CEO Whisperer”, Cameron Herold is an entrepreneur, highly paid speaker, author, and business coach. He was responsible for taking the company 1-800 Got Junk from $2 million in annual revenue to over $106 million in annual revenue in only 6 years. He works with and coaches some of the most prolific individuals on the planet including multi-millionaires, politicians, monarchs, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

Favorite Success Quote

“You’ll never be smart enough to figure this out on your own. Your R&D should stand for be rip off and duplicate. millions of companies have already spent millions of dollars figuring out virtually every problem and every opportunity you will ever encounter. Just do what they’re doing. Instead of trying to sit down and figure it out for yourself, you already have the cheat sheets, just go ahead and use them”

Key Points

1. Always be learning always be growing 

If you want to have an exceptional life, not a good life, but an exceptional life, then you must commit to constant and never ending growth.

Cameron recently attended an event in Las Vegas with dozens of other high profile entrepreneurs including Cole Hatter, Grant Cardone, and Tai Lopez, and he noticed that every single one of the speakers was actively listening and taking notes while the other individuals were on stage.

Many of these people already had 7, 8, and even 9-figure businesses. However, despite their success, they were still attentive and engaged in the event, constantly seeking to learn something new.

And if you want to create the best life possible for yourself and your family, then you must have the same voracious appetite for knowledge.

Never ignore an opportunity to learn and improve yourself, never assume that you already know something, and never take the wisdom of other’s for granted.

2. If you can control your time you control your world 

Many people think that entrepreneurs only care about money.

And sometimes, this is true. However, most people who delve into the world of entrepreneurship do so because they understand one important thing. When you control your time, you control your world.

When you are at the beck and call of your manager, supervisor, or boss, you will never truly have control of your time. When you are dependent on active income for your livelihood, you will never truly control your time. When you give control of your financial destiny to others, you will never have control of your time.

Entrepreneurship allows you to change all of that.

Sure, entrepreneurship can be even more stressful than working for a business because everything depends on you.

But because everything depends on you, you have absolute control of your schedule and your life.

You are able to say “No” more, work on your own time, take days off when you want, and live a life that most people dream of.

It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

If you can find a way to create a lifestyle in which you control your schedule (even if you technically work for someone else) then you have achieved one of the ultimate successes in life.

3. Being “Messed Up” Can Be Your Biggest Asset 

Most entrepreneurs are ADHD, bipolar, and suffer from some form of Tourrettes.

And guess what?

They often succeed because of these so called “disabilities”, not in spite of them.

Having severe ADHD allows you to juggle countless projects simultaneously, engage in moments of hyper focus, and constantly be bouncing from idea to idea.

Having a manic-depressive personality is what allows you to persuade people to join your team and work for you even when things aren’t going as well as you had hoped.

Tourettes, a.k.a. thinking out loud is a hallmark of some of the greatest geniuses and businessmen in all of history.

The point is, being “messed up” or “disabled” isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, if you know how to leverage them, your disabilities can often become your biggest strengths.

4. Good Enough = Success 

So many of you reading this are being held back by your own perfectionism. You are so focused on making everything that you do perfect, that you never embrace “Good Enough” and actually get it done.

Being good creates momentum. Being perfect keeps you stagnant.

Think about Apple.

Techniologically, they are one of the most inferior companies on the market.

But because their product is good enough and they have an incredible marketing team and millions of raving fans, they are one of the most successful tech companies in the world.

Think about McDonald’s.

Their product is inferior to just about any other burger on the planet and it’s actually been linked to serious health problems. b

But because it’s “good enough” and backed by incredible marketing and culture, they continue to succeed as one of the highest grossing fast food chains in the world.

If you want to be great, focus first on being good.

Once you have achieved “good”, market the hell out of it, rinse and repeat.

5. Understand that Your Network is Your Networth 

Nothing will accelerate your results and happiness or keep you mired in mediocrity as much as your net work.

If you are surrounding yourself with grade A+ players who keep you on track and inspire you to do great things, you will find yourself breaking through to new heights and achieving goals that you never thought possible.

If the company that you keep regularly engages in low caliber behavior and holds low caliber attitudes and mindsets, you will quickly find yourself sinking further and further into a pit of failure.

Possible the most important thing that you can do on your quest for the good life is to be intentional about who you allow in your circle.

You are the average of the five people you spend your time with most.

Ask yourself, “Who are my five people and do I want to be anything like them?”

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